The Mokattam community, in which the school is located, is in the mountainous area in Cairo and borders on a quaint older community which has seen much new development within the past 5 years. The striking contrast of this location which is at a higher elevation from the city itself provides a stimulating and unique glimpse of the nature and culture of the traditional and modern developing aspects of Egypt.

The school is an extension of the Al WAHA National School. Al WAHA National School was built and first occupied in September, 1995.  The American Division began in 2005 and occupies a wing of the north building. It has 4 floors of a 5 story facility with 7 classrooms dedicated to the American Division. The classrooms are adequate accommodations for the student population with room for further expansion on the 5th floor level of the building.  The building has a capacity for 350 students with 25 per class.

The library/media room and administrative offices are also located in the north building on the 3rd level (Floor 4) . The American Division shares a common reception area on the ground floor with access to the playground area. Additional recreational areas such as the basketball/volleyball courts, soccer fields, swimming pool, and gardens are adjacent to the National school and shared mutually.


KG classrooms are on the 1st level (Floor 2); elementary classrooms are on the 2nd  level (Floor 3 ); Middle and High classrooms are on the 3rd  level (Floor 4 ); the nurse’s station is on the 1st level; and teachers’ lounges are on the 3rd level. On the 1st level, are 2 computer labs the 2nd level houses the science labs. A physical education gym is available for the students and is located below ground level.