Daily Channel Book is sent home to inform parents of their child’s weekly curriculum and behavior. Please sign and return to the class teacher. Students are assessed through a variety of means against developmental and academic benchmarks. Each quarter, parents will receive a quarterly report of their child’s measurement of success. School administration will contact parents immediately when there is a significant change in the student’s academic or behavioral performance. 

Textbooks and Supplies:

After payment of yearly book fee, textbooks and workbooks are given by the school for use during the school year. FOR AMERICAN SECTION ONLY - All books are to be returned at the end of the year. If a student’s or a library book is lost, reimbursement must be made before the final report is given. A list of stationery and required supplies at each grade level is available from homeroom teachers at the beginning of the year. Students must purchase these supplies at local stationers.

Dress Code :

• All students are required to wear the school uniform daily; Parents will be called before students who arrive out of uniform are allowed to enter the school property.
School uniform is a must. 
• Girls with long hair should have it neatly tied up.
• Boy’s hair should be cut short and neat.
• Kindergarten (KG) children: parents are urged to provide a reserve change of underwear everyday in case of an emergency.
• All students should bring tissue paper 
• Parents are urged to fix name tags onto their child’s belongings (e.g. school bag, uniform, PE kit, water bottle, lunch box, etc.) In this way, the item may be traced when it is lost or misplaced.

Personal Belongings :

• Parents are urged to teach their children to be independent and to take care of their books, copybooks, pencil cases and all their personal belongings. The school will not be responsible for the loss of any books, copybooks or any personal belongings.
• In KG, the assistant teacher will be responsible to place the books and copybooks in their bags.
• KG students should bring a towel with loop and name tags attached, as well as anything else the parents may judge necessary for the comfort of their children.
• Students are responsible to take good care of their own items.


Attendance :

KG is a fast-paced year, with learning based on group activities, and knowledge built on previously mastered skills. Missing any lessons leaves your child unprepared for the following lesson and learning material. This makes children feel confused and less confident.  Make school attendance a priority with your child, to ensure his/her success.
  • Student attendance is checked every day.
  • Sick students should present a medical certificate from a doctor.
  • When a child has been absent for more than 5 days, without notification, the parents will be called for consultation.
  • Pre-acknowledged absences should be dealt with directly with the school administration. The Excused Absence Form should be completed by the parent and submitted to administration.  Homework packets will be available the next day from the school reception and is due on the day the student returns to school.
  • It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that the student has done his/ her homework and that the lessons taught during the absence period are covered.
  • No student will be allowed to go out of school during school hours except to see a doctor. Parents wishing to travel during school time should keep the student at home that day or delay the travel time till school hours are finished.