Middle and High School

Middle School :

The curriculum and textbooks are American and instruction is in English with the

exception of foreign languages (French & German) and Arabic. We provide a broad,

well balanced course of study which promotes academic, moral and artistic

development. The curriculum is evaluated on an on-going basis to assure that it

meets the needs of our student population. The Egyptian Ministry of Education

recognizes the American High School Diploma as meeting the requirements for the

general secondary certificate of education.
Class size:
The student-teach ratio is 1:10 which allows teachers to focus on individual needs

and strengths. Small classes allow teachers the flexibility to work with each

student individually. Each student’s strengths and weaknesses are identified,

corrected and developed fully. Credit is given for all efforts inside and outside

the class. Teachers develop their lesson plans to suit each child’s different

learning style.
Arabic is offered from the elementary to the high school level in an integrated

program that prepares both native and non-native speakers to communicate fluently

both orally and in writing.
Clubs :
These activities take place on a designated day each week. They are one hour long

and are taught by teachers who have a special interest in that activity. Examples

include: Drama, Journalism, Art, Dance, Fashion Design, Music, Science, etc.
School Communication :
There are different approaches to communicate with the school:
• School Website Our revamped website includes notices to parents , each subjects

daily homework as well as many other items of information – check it out daily!
School notices will be attached to the school’s website and will be posted on the

school bulletin boards as well. It is suggested that parents check the website

• Communication between parents and teachers
o Email Via the school website, a massage system has been added to allow parents

to contact the school as necessary.
o Appointments with the management and teachers are also welcomed. Appointments

are arranged through the Administration Office, or the Reception Desk. Visits

other than at scheduled times are not possible.
o Parents’ Meetings: These are good opportunities for the parents and the teachers

to discuss the academic progress of the student and solve any problems that may

o Progress Reports: Warning notices and missing assignment sheets are sent home

midway and towards the end of each quarter. These allow the parents to know the

progress of their child prior to the official report card.

• Usage of School Telephone: The school telephone is to be used only in emergency

cases. No student is allowed to call home because he/she has forgotten his/her

homework, meals, or PE uniform, etc. In case of emergency, the school

administration will call the parents.

High School :

The American High School Diploma is equivalent to Egyptian High School Diploma by

the Egyptian Ministry of Education decree No.155 for the year 2004. As such,

students are eligible to apply for Egyptian universities within the 5% admissions

reserved for international schools and foreign students. Students are also

eligible to apply for American universities or universities of any other

country.Students are obliged to study a number of subjects during grade 11 and 12

school years which are recorded on their high school transcript. All graduates

must also take SAT 1 (Mandatory) and SAT 2 (optional).
The American Administration team provides students with services to enhance

personal academic achievement and development. They help with selection of

classes, testing, information for the SAT, career selection, graduation,

information about college entrance requirements, letters of recommendation,

personal problems and curriculum information.
SAT Information :
Do not sign up for a SAT College board account until you have your legal name,

date of birth, sex, address and signature exactly the same way as their high

school diploma / national ID card / passport will read.
Register at sat.collegeboard.org
High School Code: Al Waha Language School American Division