MAP Testing

Measure student progress with MAP

Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) 

All students in grades 1 through 10 will be assessed in Reading, Language Usage and Math.The tests are given one at a time throughout the testing season - November, February and April. Administration and teachers review the data and look for growth from one testing season to the next.
Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) and MAP for Primary Grades (MPG) interim assessments provide your child's teachers objective information to streamline instructional planning, differentiate instruction for both individual students and skill-based activity groups, and better engage students in their learning. 

Once a student has been assessed, teachers can see what the students performance level or RIT level on MAP assessments are typically ready to learn.  Learning statements provide the teacher with an instructional starting point by describing the skills and concepts that are most ready to be introduced, developed, or reinforced along a continuum of learning.  MAP RIT scores get connected to skills and concepts students are ready to learn, helping the teacher identify learning goals and targets resulting in a more personalized lesson plans